What is Whey protein?

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What is Whey Protein


Whey protein is amongst the most studied supplements in the world.

and for good reason. Whey protein has a very high nutritional value and scientific studies have revealed numerous health benefits it contains. Studies indicate that long-term, high-dose whey protein supplementation may help to lower one’s cholesterol levels. In a study with the National Library of Medicine, the chronic effects of whey proteins on blood pressure, vascular function and inflammatory markers in overweight individuals was investigated.

Improved Blood Pressure, cardiovascular health and lower LDL Cholesterol

The study noted: “Whey proteins may reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health. “This study evaluated the effects of whey protein supplementation on blood pressure, vascular function and inflammatory markers compared to casein and glucose supplementation in overweight individuals.” The study involved the individuals to consume 54 grams of whey protein per day for a period of 12-weeks. By the end of the study it was noted a significant reduction in total and LDL cholesterol.



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Different types of whey protein

Medical News Today said: “There are three primary types of whey protein which include whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate. “Whey protein concentrate contains low levels of fat and low levels of carbohydrates. “Whey protein isolates are further processed to remove all the fat and lactose. “Whey protein hydrolysate is considered to be the pre-digested form of whey protein as it has already undergone partial hydrolysis which is a process for the body to absorb protein.” Different types of protein shakes affect cholesterol in different ways, but studies show that whey protein and soy protein both lower cholesterol levels, optimise their particle size and reduce the risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

Whey for Weight Loss

There are also other benefits of whey protein shakes including helping with weight loss and lowering blood pressure reading. Here at Donaldson & Allen we have whey protein in two different flavours, vanilla and chocolate, and its very easy to mix with water or your favourite juice, you can even use it in cooking, there are some delicious recipes online.

N.B. It’s important to speak with your GP before embarking on any new supplements to help with high cholesterol.


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